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24 Hour Emergency Flat Tire Service

24 hour Emergency Flat Tire Service

One of our service providers will be sent to change your vehicle’s tires.

Don’t Let A Flat Tire Ruin Your Day

Most drivers dread getting a flat tire. Murphy’s law says that a flat tire is never going to happen on a lazy day with lots of free time. Instead, it’s going to happen at the worst possible time when you literally don’t have a spare minute and face huge consequences for being late. By preparing for the worst instead of simply hoping for the best, you can be ready to deal with a flat tire in the easiest, fastest and lowest-stress way possible. Whatever approach you take, it’s important to make sure that you have a spare tire in your car.

The absolute easiest way to deal with a flat tire in Miami is to be a member of a roadside assistance program like Triple-A or a similar one offered by your car manufacturer. This means that you pull over to a safe place on the road, place a call to the organization, and wait in your car until they come to fix it. In most cases, they are very fast and efficient. They can also handle other problems like dead batteries and locking your keys in your car. This is great insurance to have: make your decision to pay for one of these services based on the inevitability of a flat tire and not neglect it until it’s too late based on your past good karma. These services are great because they can also put air into your spare tire if it’s low.

The other good approach is to be knowledgeable and experienced about how to change a tire. The worst possible situation is to be doing it for the first time when you are under stress, late for an important appointment, and stuck in a dangerous area. Many responsible car owners take an afternoon and practice changing their tire so that when they need to perform under stress, it’s much more familiar. If you do take this strategy, make sure that you have a spare tire and that you verify it periodically to make sure that it has enough air in it. It would be terrible to remove your flat tire only to realize that your spare tire is just as flat!

Vehicles today weigh thousands of pounds. While tire jacks are designed to lift up your vehicle safely, they can only be as safe as the surface on which they are used. Therefore, never attempt to change your tire if the vehicle is parked on an incline, or if the car is on gravel or dirt. Doing so can be extremely dangerous, as the jack will not be as stable as it would be on flat, solid pavement. If you can, move the car to flat ground. If that is not possible, then waiting for a tow truck may be your only option.

Changing the tire. The next step is actually changing the tire. Using the tire iron, loosen the lug nuts that hold the tire on the wheel…but do not remove them. Once they are loosened, use your vehicle’s owner’s manual to determine where the jack should be placed underneath the car. Then, following the instructions in the manual, or on the jack itself, lift the car so that the tire is not touching the ground. Remove the lugs and take the tire off, replacing it with the spare. Once you have the spare in position, screw the lugs on by hand. This will ensure that you line the threads up correctly. Once you have the lugs threaded correctly, use the tire iron to tighten them until the tire is securely, and tightly, in place. Then lower the jack until the tire is supporting all the weight of the car. At this point, using the tire iron, tighten the lugs as tightly as you possibly can.

If you are facing a challenge to fix the tire in Miami, Estrella Towing are expert in flat tire services. They have extensive experience in fixing any problem that your tire can have.

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