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We buy junk cars

We buy junk cars in Miami

On the off chance that you might want to offer us your junk car and get cash in your grasp, call us today. We gladly buy vehicles from Miami, Kendall, Homestead, Miami Beach, North Miami, Hialeah, South Miami, Doral, Opa-Locka, North Bay Village, Hollywood, Fort Lauderdale, Coral Gables, West Miami, Sunny Isles Beach, and Downtown Miami.

Many people own cars, which they claim are absolutely useless.  They are junk because no one can make use of them and they are just lying in a garage gathering rust and dust.  The best way to get this kind of vehicle off your hands is to sell it.  But you might be wondering how you can sell a junk car off because no one would want to buy it.  That is where you are wrong.  There are people or car companies to be precise who are interested in buying junk cars.  They use them in different ways.  Either they make use of the parts in the car that can be reused for other cars or they refurbish the cars and they auction them off to car lovers.  Either ways, they will buy junk cars.

We do the same thing. We buy junk cars in Miami. We offer to remove your car from your garage and will pay you a price for it as well.  But that’s not all we do.  We do not charge you a dime, even for towing the car away from your place.  The whole service is absolutely free for you.  We pay you instead of charging you.  Now aren’t you surprised? Once we buy junk cars, we make sure that they are collected from their sellers and they are put to good use.  It is obviously better to choose us for getting rid of your junk car because if you decide to salvage your car in a junkyard, you would not get much out of it.  In fact, you might not get anything out of it at all.  By selling the car to us, you are guaranteed some money, regardless of the condition the junk car is in.

When we buy junk cars, we make sure that the process of discussing and quoting the price, getting the paperwork done, collecting the car from your place, and handing you the payment is a smooth one.  We want to make sure that everything is absolutely free of hassles and that you face no inconvenience in the process of selling your car.

You might be very surprised because you think that all of this can’t be true.  But it is not a scam and all of this is in fact true. We do offer you the exact services we have talked about and we do in fact buy junk cars. Most car companies like our own contracts with towing companies and car wreckers so we do get the job done just the way we say it.

If you ever want to get rid of your old car, don’t forget that we buy junk cars in Miami and we are certainly interested in buying yours.  All you will have to do is contact us.  Our staff is very helpful and will be more than happy to guide you through the process and completing the title work for the car.  Once all the paperwork is over and done with, you can schedule an appointment with us and after price discussions and negotiations, we will give you a date on which we will collect the car from you.

After the car has been towed away, you are no longer responsible for it and we will handle all the work for it from then onwards.  We hope that this was a good option and has interested you because we know of a lot of people who were unaware of the existence of businesses such as our own.  So if you are interested in selling your junk car to us, or you know someone who wants to get rid of their car, don’t forget that Estrella Towing buy junk cars in Miami.

Ready for we to buy and remove your junk car in Miami?

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